With a moral compass like that, Ravven should at least be on the suspect list. It does seem like a lot of work to go through to drum up some business though.

When Ingsol says he knows a dozen individuals, he’s thinking of those who are capable, not necessarily motivated. Blood magic is not so rarefied a skill. Animating golems is a skill unto itself, and using blood magic to do it is not unheard of. Making them smart enough to use a variety of weapons is a related but ultimately separate skill. It’s possible they’re looking for a team or dare I say it, a cabal.

By definition, there’s nothing inherently evil about a cabal. You could have a cabal to secretly teach girls to read in countries where it’s not allowed, but man, it’s tough to use that word without evoking a dark and evil conspiracy.

Geeze it’s been so many pages since Ingsol’s showed up I just realized I totally forgot his accent. I’ll have to rejigger some of his dialog when I get a chance.

Edit: Fixed up some of Max’s dialog.

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