Dabbler is setting up her hotbar if you couldn’t tell. Her life is like one of those games where you wind up with waaaay too much inventory and you have to keep going back to your stash to swap your “Carpet Bomb” rocket launcher for the Lightning Orb wand with 15% chance to stun, cause the launcher is great against mobs, but you need something that’s going to slow down the elites. Such a hassle.

So The Council has a bunch of priorities all of a sudden. Protect the remaining Sigils being number one, but once they’re secured, figure out who’s attacking them and put a stop to it. Archon is there and willing to help, given the ramifications of what would happen if the Veil fell. Maxima is just having some understandable and reasonable separation anxiety. But Ingsol is right, bunching up your big hitters is tactically not the best strategy, especially since time seems to be a factor. Obviously however Max feels that Pixel can look after Sydney.

Archon’s chain of command is probably pretty odd, given that it is like a little slice of the SEALs, the FBI and probably the NSA, CIA, DARPA, and the BPRD all bundled together into a single agency. Under normal circumstances, each branch has its own discrete hierarchy, but agents get shared around all the time. Dabbler consults with Arc-LIGHT when she’s not tinkering with the Arc-SPARQ guys. Of course the SPARQs appreciate anyone with super strength helping them carry around engine blocks, or even whole vehicles.

Zephan, who is the head of Arc-LIGHT is there at the Council meeting, I just haven’t drawn him since basically the first page. Presumably he’s in the back consulting with Gault or rallying other LIGHTs, and gave his blessing seconding Pixel to Maxima for now.

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