Krona may have root access, but it seems someone else has machine level access.

So yeah, Krona may have some… well, not insight, really, but she might help unlock a piece of the orbs’ puzzle. As intricate as that big panel is, it’s about 1/10th of what I had pictured when I started it. I would have needed a full or even a double page spread and another week to draw it. Still, you get the idea. Just pretend a dozen people from WETA spend a month doing it in CG.

Apparently the orbs were all “Hey, time travel, or… sort of. Whatever that was. Sure, that’s worth a point.”

A related note for the prior page; Cartomancer is apparently what Izanagi is, with the card magic. Several people informed me in the comments. I’ve never actually seen Card Captor Sakura or Yu-Gi-Oh! besides flipping by it on a channel, and just happened to catch him speaking in a comically deep voice. Someone explained to me that he’s possesed or has a split personality or something that takes over probably for clutch dramatic reasons. Anyway it was jarring seeing a 13(?) year old talking like M. Bison.

Oh, also related to the previous page, by request I cut out the panel of Max flying and posted over at DA. Enjoy!

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