Super Hiro’s handsomeness is constrained entirely by my ability to draw handsome guys, so just pretend he’s super handsome if I didn’t quite hit the mark. Also I’m not sure how Japanese he looks, though he is supposed to lean rugged, which isn’t something you usually associate with Asian faces so much. Not that there aren’t weather beaten Japanese guys out there with strong jaws, but finding the correct combination of features to draw his face was a little challenging. Also the fact that he’s one of the only Asian characters in the comic means I haven’t gotten much practice with those particular features. Still, I think the last time I drew him was back when they were fixing the highway after the battle.

I realized after drawing this page that Sydney is saluting with her left hand in the last panel, which is probably not cool in the military unless you got your hand blown off on duty. Obviously Sydney gets a comical amount of slack, though we’ll see how lenient everyone is once she’s actually been trained up on the basics.

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