I don’t think immortality would make someone immune to boredom or impatience. You’s still have to sit through the same amount of intervening time, and regardless of what percentage of your lifespan that interval takes, assuming your brain functions at the same clock speed as a mortal, the fact that you might outlive your enemies doesn’t make your TV dinner defrost any faster.

Panel two is a bit odd for a few reasons. One, Dabbler is wearing a T-Shirt and not something that looks like a guy with long hair should be ripping it off of her on the cover of a lady smut novel, and two, they’re looking at math and not code. I guess this is the math the code generates? I hadn’t given it a ton of thought, but I guess Krona’s got to be pretty smart to do any of the things she does. Most coders probably trend above average intelligence, (at least in the analytical and arithmetical spectrums) but some get by repurposing and mashing other people’s code together for their own uses. Krona doesn’t have the luxury of being a script kiddie. She has to do everything from scratch. Some things don’t require any actual coding, though. Binary flags for instance are as difficult as just finding what she wants, almost like looking through a hex editor and replacing the 0 with a 1. Checkpoint code obviously requires more work.

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