You know, I think Doctor Chuckles may be misrepresenting their purpose there to Coot. Also, for as paranoid a person as Coot most likely is, his paranoidar seems to be a little on the fritz here.

I was trying to come up with the least offensive offensive term for Coot in panel 4. I didn’t want him to actually say anything gross, but I wanted to preserve the sentiment. “Ackbar types” seemed like a good compromise. Actually sounds kind of cool to me, but Coot obviously doesn’t mean it that way. He’s one of those culturally myopic types as you might guess. As I said Coot isn’t the charismatic type, but is he’s still fun to write.

Doctor Chuckles is the guy who put Sciona back together, in case you were wondering, so boy’s got some skills to say the least.

PS I know the vote incentive is stale, I’ve gotten a little behind with producing the comic, but I’ll try to get a Grrl Power related commission at A-kon next weekend. Which I’ll be at BTW. No table, just wandering around.

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