So we jump from the curiously gloomy comic shop (one day when I magically have all the time, I may brighten up that page a bit) to the thankfully better lit Archon lounge, featuring Dabbler’s latest Sexual Detritus. Which would be a good name for a band I guess.

So… I guess I didn’t quite think this page through entirely when I drew it, but it’s been several days in comic time, and Krona is still there and wearing the same clothes. I guess her and Dabbler were very thorough when going over her code. Presumably Krona got a “I saved several Archon agents but got hauled in anyway but everything’s okay now and all I got was this shirt” shirt in the meantime, and not the same shirt the Barberian got. The real reason is I’m just used to drawing everything moment to moment and I didn’t quite think it through. So yeah, Krona was under observation for a few days but treated as a guest otherwise. I’m sure Maxima had a very measured exchange with Ingsol about it too.

A-kon is this weekend, I will be there. No I don’t have a table as I yet again don’t have anything to sell, but I’ll be hanging around the Antarctic Press table and Artist Alley webcomic people and occasional panel.

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