English has the word “twice” and even the somewhat archaic “thrice” but there’s no words beyond that. Fource? Frice? uh… Sice? It’s odd having a sequence that caps out at three.

Apparently this elite military squad’s schedule includes a 1 pm break for sunning. It’s kind of ridiculous I know, but given their public relations responsibilities it makes some amount of sense. Maybe this is just how those guys are spending their lunch hour. Though I don’t imagine you get an hour for lunch in any part of the military… except Archon. Other parts of the service probably consider Arc-SWAT to be a real cushy assignment compared to say, serving on the deck of a carrier… and they’d be right, especially considering the pay differential. But as the only part of the military that has a continual domestic presence, getting your hair did or going on a shopping spree to a fancy store with lots of cameras around is part of their M.O. So yeah, when SEAL Team 6 digs on Arc-SWAT for having spa days, they can be all “boo hoo, now I’m going to teleport on to my pile of money and have a blub.”

Varia’s bikini is nice and… I don’t know, exotic’s the wrong word, but it seems to be a good match for her. But I don’t think it’s the sort of thing you’d want to get a tan in, cause the tan lines would be weird looking. They do make UV (semi) transparent cloth, but the necklace thing it’s attached to would leave a pale ring around your neck.

Ooh, someone should make a UV transparent shirt with a non-UV transparent part that says “dork” or looks like a dong. Buy it as a gift for someone you don’t like!

You know what, I forgot to put a hat and sunglasses on Sydney. According to everything I’ve established about her, she should be as blind as a Drow seeing her first sunrise right now.

Oh, and uh, ignore the fact that the pool seems to have gotten bigger since I drew it last. Actually the only time I think I’ve drawn it was some aerial shot of the Archon building, and it was just a little blue square on one of the towers, but I decided it needed a gazebo with a sofa and a fire pit, because as previously discussed, they’re all hardened military types like that.

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