Technically Sydney only exposed one fifth of Harem’s boobs, so she could argue that wearing an aggressive V-neck would be commensurate reparation.

When Harem said “everyone,” Sydney pictured having to be on stage in the auditorium with the whole team there, select members of the press, and everyone who ever bullied her or she ever had a crush on. Cause that’s just how her brain works. Also, probably no one actually saw Harem’s boobs anyway. She was on the edge of the pool and the splash covered everything up. Doesn’t mean Harem won’t sneak a whoopie cushion under Sydney at some point.

Maxima officially has good hearing, but nothing approaching super human. She can’t hear outside of the normal human range, though her hearing hasn’t worsened over time since she got her powers, so she has the hearing of a ~15 year old. But if people want to think she has super hearing, she won’t dissuade them.

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