Ah! Wall of text! My eyes!

Maxima’s dialog was supposed to be all background text, like with the foreground stuff overlapping it, but I figured out how to make it all fit, and turned out to be kind of relevant.

For those of you unfamiliar with Jabberwokky, here is her first appearance.
And here’s the free show she references and the kiss.

BTW Jabber’s real name is Jazmine, she goes by Jazza cause it’s hard to have street cred when you’re rocking a Disney Princess name. Also Jazza sounds cool. Her last name is Ng, pronounced “ing” and she’s half Taiwanese. I know she doesn’t look particularly Asian, but while Lucy Liu is half Chinese and looks Asian as… uh a very Asian looking person… Chloe Bennet, who plays Skye/Daisy/Quake on Agents of SHIELD is also half Chinese, and I was blown away when I learned that, because she does not look Asian to me AT ALL. Apparently she’s a fairly successful pop star over there. So weirdly, Agents of SHIELD is the only show I’m aware of with two Asian leads in it. So my point is, Jazza is half Taiwanese and I can draw her however I like. Thanks Chloe!

Edit: Whoops, apparently Lucy Liu is full Chinese. I don’t know why I thought she was mixed. That should teach me to check my assumptions but it probably won’t.

Also I’m aware I now have a character named Dabbler and one whose nickname will probably be Jabber on occasion. So no chance that will confuse anyone. Also between her and Jiggawatt I have two “JW’s” which is why Jabberwokky doesn’t have a choker yet. I didn’t have time to design hers. Though Jiggawatt’s choker is just a “J” so it shouldn’t to hard to make them look different.

Also also I kind of didn’t plan that last panel well with the order of the word bubbles and the placement of the characters. The person speaking first should be on the left so their bubble will be above them, but if I had reversed the camera angle to accommodate that, then Max and Arianna wouldn’t in the shot. Oh well, Portals to the rescue.

Two links for those of you who like clicking on things. I was on a webcomic podcast and talked about webcomics mostly.

Also I found a kickstarter for a comic that looks decent. A gal bonds with a goddess and gets all fit and super powered. Really nice art too. Ignore the fact that the title “Patriotika” makes it sound like either a ‘What-If distaff counterpart Captain America but in Russia’ comics, (that should actually be called “Kommissarina Kremlin”) or one of those Poser rendered ‘superheroine loses her powers and gets damsel in distressed’ comics. I know you guys know what I’m talking about. Anyway check it out if you like.

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