Not sure how Dabbler’s going to study the problem if they can’t be in the same room, but no one ever said being a super hero was easy.

So here’s a case of bad planning on my part. It’s easy to miss, but Dabbler is covered in lipstick on this page, only Jabber’s lipstick is nearly the same color as Dabbler’s stripes. There are some things in this comic I plan quite far ahead, but the color schemes of these two as it relates to a joke several years in the making did happen to slip through the cracks this time.

This page was a real pain to write, mostly because Dabbler’s discussion of the Aethershpere went off on a real tangent and was, I finally realized, a crazy and irrelevant info dump. So I cut that discussion out for a future comic. Maybe one day Sydney will ask Dabbler to teach her magic.

Whoops, I forgot the XXXX on Dabbler’s choker. I’ll have to add that in later today as it’s already 2 am. :(

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