Is there a vampire movie from the last 20 years that doesn’t have a fast forward sunset in it? I haven’t seen the Twilight movies so they don’t count. As proper vampire lore anyway.

The most unrealistic thing about this page is that Jabberwokky doesn’t have tattoos all over her arms and legs. She has that sternum eagle… or, uh, cleavage eagle? Cleagle? Although I guess, looking at that page again, she didn’t have tats on her legs at least. I assumed she had them on her arms but used her jacket to cover them up to save time with the art.

I had fun trying to come up with the name of Sandy’s course. For the joke to work it had to be the most boring thing I could come up with – so apologies to people who are technical writing fans I guess. I started off with something involving accounting, but I couldn’t think of a way to make and accounting course superhero related. Maybe some kind of Super Forensic Accounting, but I don’t think they’d be teaching that on Sydney’s first week. If there were Batman type “supers” taking the classes, then yes, but the Thors and Hulks can opt out in favor of some sort of “To Smash or not To Smash: When to exercise restraint” class.

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