Sydney had to sit through the rest of that class, and probably a few others, but fortunately you guys don’t have to. This scene obviously takes place in the evening. Bat vampires are just as vulnerable to the sun as person shaped vampires. As to the answer to the rest of Sydney’s questions, she’ll have to wait. Maxima’s question does take precedence, what with her being commanding officer and all. You know how Sydney is. She could have kept the question train going for another 20 pages, but don’t worry, not this time guys.

Edit: A lot of people were confused by the jump from the last scene, so I added a “Later…” type caption which will hopefully help. Also I took the opportunity to shrink Max’s head a bit in the first panel because it was pretty huge. Of course, now I can’t help but notice it’s smaller than Sydney’s, which is why I drew it as bid as I did in the first place. But the big head suits Sydney, while Max is supposed to be proportioned like a normal, albeit fit yet curvy human woman.

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