So a lot of people were a little confused by the last page. I don’t blame them, after doing this comic for so many years, I haven’t had actually done many transitions. I mean the first nearly 300 pages were just consecutive moments all strung together. The intent of the page was that it was Crimson’s perspective, which is why the first panel comes in midway through Maxima’s sentence, as Crimson is coming to. Anyway, I added a caption to the first panel so hopefully it plays better now.

Maxima allows gambling among her squad, but placed a $5 limit on all wagers. Since all the supers there make serious bank, someone could bet $100,000 on something stupid without it being posturing, and that sort of thing can get out of hand real fast. She has the same rule for poker night.

So yeah, on this page, Crimson was just trying to add a little drama, and honestly if she could get a leg up on all the Supers, it would soothe her supernatural ego after Max and Co. wiped the floor with the manekillers and the Super Husk at the cost of just a few articles of clothing. Obviously it didn’t work out quite as she planned.

 I updated the very stale vote incentive finally, with a commission I got at A-kon from Fred. The bra shop is almost colored, but it’s not ready yet cause I was trying some different coloring techniques and programs which is good to do but obviously isn’t the most streamlined process. I haven’t updated the thumbnail on the vote box thingy on the side bar, because the last time I updated something since WordPress changed their Text Widget, it screwed something up which is why the cast page is down for now, and I didn’t want to get into that as I’m posting this at 2 am.

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