Wow Deus is getting all the action these days. The other guys in the comic might need to step up their game.

So we’re back from the little Harem flashback now. I didn’t put a caption up in the leading corner of the page cause I thought it’d be obvious, but just in case I’m mentioning it here.

Given that Sciona already survived having most of her head chopped off, Vale’s comment about her being “very slightly harder to kill” should tell you something about where her bar is for such activities. Assuming she’s not just posturing.

Yeah, Deus’s proposal is objectifying, but I think I’d be a little flattered if someone implied it’d be worth $80 million dollars to sleep with me. What, you thought Deus meant $10 million when he said eight figures? That’s cause you think smaller than him.

Is it just me, or is Deus kind of channeling Nick Cage there in that middle panel?

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