Deus is rich in money and… other stuff. You know, friends. Sort of.

I could have come up with something other than a Draugr, but they’ve been on my mind lately. I like the name Rannevig. I may reuse that someday, but I don’t think Deus is going to run into that particular one anytime soon.

I never said what Sciona was before this point because I was just blanking on a name for her race. Sometimes I get really hung up on stuff like that, but there are a bunch of name/word/language generators online, and if you refresh them enough times, they get your fake word engine started. I did a quick google on “Alari” to make sure I wasn’t cryptomnesiaing something and typed it in. And of course, as it goes with these sorts of things, it wasn’t even 4 days before I saw Alari as the last name of a minor character in a book I was reading. I probably wouldn’t have noticed it otherwise. Weird how that works out sometimes. It was Baader-Meinhof adjacent at the very least. Yes, I’m going to make you google that. The most pronounced instance of the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon I’ve ever experienced was upon learning the word “voluptuous” while reading a Piers Anthony novel. That dude sure knows how he likes describing women, that’s for sure.

I forgot to color in Deus’s nipple on the last panel there. He looks like Apollo from Star Trek: TOS. Apparently, they actually covered his nipple with makeup, because at the time, male nipples were too much for the viewing public. Maybe they thought it would get the lady folk aflutter. That’s pretty bonkers when you think about it, but this show also had the first televised interracial kiss in it. Before that, Dick van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore were shown sleeping in separate beds because showing something on TV that was representational of every married couple in the country was too scandalous. Maybe 50 years from now we’ll look back and think how archaic it was that we didn’t have televised explicit eroticism during prime time. The 5th reboot of Power Puff Girls will be freaky.

For those of you who aren’t a fan of this scene, it’s got just one page left, so hang in there. Everyone has their clothes on if it matters.

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