I’m sorry guys, I just got tired of drawing that armor. Anyone paying attention probably noticed it changed from panel to panel anyway. Anyway, if she could peel it off that easily after she took her shot of Vitamin-S, then it probably woudn’t have helped against Maxima or Hiro either. She never even used whatever was in those pouches on her belt either. Well, it’s my excuse to draw an actual skintight outfit in the comic for once that exists outside of Sydney’s daydreaming.

It looks like Sciona is going to try and meet the team on their own terms. If only she didn’t constantly betray everyone around her, she might have some backup. Well, charisma was her dump stat I guess. She also bought the disadvantage “Capriciously kills incompetent henchmen and allies and basically anyone” which earned her an extra 50 points, which she probably put into “Hard to Kill” because, I mean, she got most of her head cut off once, though we don’t know exactly how that went down. There’s a fair chance there were extenuating circumstances.

This page colored by Keith.

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