Letting the two of them duke it out is probably a poor strategy for the team. Maxima cares about her team, but is the least likely to be harmed by a mountain falling on her (besides Achilles of course), and Sciona might actually try and cause one on purpose to kill or at least delay some of the team.

Of course, it’s not like they’re is just going to stand there taking pictures. Well, Harem might. I haven’t really drawn here in the scene yet, but she was at the entrance to the cave in silhouette. It just wouldn’t be very healthy for her to get in between Maxima and someone who even thinks they have a chance at going toe to toe with Maxima.

This page colored by Keith.

Recursion (Wearing the Cape Book 7)So I gave you all the link to pre-order the latest Wearing the Cape book, but one of the editors discovered a last minute fix that was fairly critical, so the pre-order had to be canceled in order to upload the fix. That’s just how Amazon’s process works. Anyway, the book is out, and is available here. I’ll say this because the blurb on Amazon says it, so I don’t consider it a spoiler, but this book isn’t a flashback. It might seem like it is at first, but as usual, there’s something else going on.

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