Field testing your new super powers against a team of people who have had super powers for a while is probably not the best strategy, but that syringe was a one time thing, and Sciona just needs to buy time for whatever is going on in the next room to finish.

Fun fact, joint locks don’t work on Achilles. Well, I guess joint locks work, but joint, uh, twists don’t. You can twist all you like but all you’ll accomplish is flipping him over, but they don’t hurt him. It’s not like anyone can dislocate his shoulder or twist his wrist around so it pinches the stuff in there. The wrist meats. Sciona has hugely enhanced strength at the moment, but she’s had it for all of six seconds now. She’s thinking about strength in terms of punching and lifting, not grappling, at least not yet. Pressure strikes don’t work on him either, since that’s just someone briefly pinching a nerve to cause pain or numbing a muscle, and you could drive a sand crawler over his nerves and it wouldn’t hurt him. A taser wouldn’t hurt or immobilize him either, but ultimately he’s easy enough to deal with, just pin him to a wall with a car or punch him into the next county. Handcuffing him to a pipe won’t slow him down much because he can put all his strength and weight into yanking on them without risking injury.

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