In the stinger for this page, I joke about Sciona getting lightheaded if she keeps using her own blood for her spells, but if one of those super syringes she shot herself with (whoops, just realized I forgot that mark on her chest) had a regeneration power in it, she could potentially fire her blood out like a hose and then animate it like Green Lantern, and attack them with blood blades and other blood constructs, all the while forming sigils to cast spells. Hmm. Maybe she just hasn’t thought of doing that yet.

Sciona watched the press conference, and knows Achilles is invulnerable, but of course it’s one thing to hear it and assume that while he is in fact pretty tough, it’s like any other defense and can be overcome with application of enough force. In that first panel, she’s trying to either crush his arms or rip them clean off, when really she should just grab one of his arms and use him as a projectile against one of the squad. He’s not actually strong enough to hold onto her right now if she was a remotely experienced grappler.

I also slightly messed up the art in that first panel, his hand was supposed to be right on her boob. Maybe I’ll fix that if I find the time to fix the missing mark on her chest. In a life and death struggle, any part of your opponent’s body is fair game, eyes, ears, testicles, but when you’re sparring, it’s probably bad form to tie your opponent’s testicles in a square knot or grab a woman’s boob. In the Amazon vs. Valkyrie war, I imagine there’s probably going to be a lot of injured boobs, but Achilles is a superhero, and he’s trying to beat up Sciona politely.

Edit: Fixed the hand and the missing mark.

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