This comic is probably a good example of how not to write for sequential art. Three conversations going on at the same time (even if two are with Harem, who is kind of an exception in a lot of ways) and I started with the art before I had the whole page planned out. I’m actually generally fairly pleased with the art, but the last line is sounds like it should be a punchline for something I had spent the whole page setting up. I’ll just let you imagine some of the things the others might have said to Dabbler that’s got her wanting to visit Japan. I’m not bagging on Japan BTW, but it’s probably fair to say they’re the world’s leading exporter of weird. I’d offer some links, but outside of their gameshows that violate Geneva convention, it’d all be NSFW.

Speaking of which, is this page NSFW? I don’t know how to judge that stuff. You could get away with a lot of cleavage in a PG movie, so it didn’t seem like I should mark it as such. I’m not sure how I’d do that. Probably put (NSFW) in the title, but that would only help people who are checking the comic from Twitter or the RSS feed. There will definitely be more scandalous stuff in the comic later on, no actual nudity, but stuff like side boob and maybe a bare butt or two. That doesn’t count as nudity in my book as long as it’s comedy posterior and not sexy time posterior. The thing is with webcomics, there’s only one rating. NSFW, which ranges from cleavage to flat out porn. Maybe I’ll mark anything prurient with NSFW-13 or something.

Update: Added Leon’s stubble in and made Harem’s bod a little bigger in panel 4.