Wait, something is happening with the tube? Yeah, let’s get this story moving along a bit.

This page is for anyone who was wondering why Sydney is suddenly ok sitting out in the sun given her previous reaction to it.

I almost want to mark this page NSFW cause of how much I chuckled while drawing it, don’t want to get anyone in trouble. Hopefully you guys’ll think it’s as funny as I do. I know it’s a good page when I can’t decide which panel is my favorite. I’m starting to think Sydney’s role model is Ace Ventura.

BTW TopWebComics.com resets their voting thingy each month so venture over there and give me a vote if you’re so inclined, and as always shares/likes/tweets are appreciated. Got to grow this baby, and sharing it is like… calories or something.

Update: Ooh, here’s something new, Google+ is doing fan/product/service pages now, so I set one up for Grrl Power. Here’s the link.