I hadn’t planned on cutting away from the battle again, but someone pointed out that page 666 was coming up, and I knew I had to do something featuring Dabbler. (Even though the actual number of the beast is 616 but someone translating something one day decided 666 was punchier and just changed it. It’s almost like the whole thing was made up or something.) If I can figure out how, I’ll bump page 663 up to 665, so the pages cutting into the battle scene will be back to back.

Anyway, back to this page. Dabbler’s apron isn’t censored for the sake of the comic, it’s supposed to be actually printed that way, so anyone looking at it in real life would see that Japanese mosaic effect and will fill in dirty stuff to the limit of their imagination. Imagine it was a picture of a tentacle, or a picture of two butts touching, if you’re Tina Belcher, or a picture of a ▛▓▞▓▚▛.

As the commander of the team, Maxima should probably be a little more stoic, and not wandering around the base at 3:00 am in her pajamas. She’s obviously taken a sort of motherly shine to Sydney, and is frustrated she can’t punch this problem in the face to fix it.

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