See, the Hack Buddy incident started off as Cora actually wanting to be able dance better, but due to a series of humorous misunderstandings, the controller wound up in the wrong hands, and there was a big long line to dance with Cora, and everyone had to take a number like in a deli.

No one will ever accuse me of being a visionary futurist, because my idea of Space High School is exactly the same as a modern Earth high school with lockers and obnoxious cliquish cheerleaders and all that. If I actually gave it more though than just the minimum required to establish a setting for a gag, then instead of lockers, they might all have pocket transporters, and instead of books or tablets, they’d have holographic screens that pop up and have transparent backgrounds because that looks futuristic but in reality seems like it would be really obnoxious to work and try and read on.

Someone asked why, if Cora lives in an advanced society, why they couldn’t just clone her new limbs, and the truth is someone probably could. That technology existed on her world, but, Cora grew up relatively poor, and whatever world she lived on had an American approach to healthcare, where only wealthy people can avail themselves of elective procedures, and everyone else can fuck off. Instead she was issued a clunky, basic model prosthesis frame, and it barely worked most of the time and kept breaking down. The wait to get it fixed was usually unacceptably long, so instead of scraping along with one working leg or trying to get dressed with one hand locked into a fist, Cora started fixing it up herself. This started her down the path of engineering, computer programming, and later, physical sciences and applied carnage.

She could easily get new limbs cloned and surgically attached now, but her artificial limbs are a considerable boon to her adventuring career, and she has full tactile sensation through them. They even self heat so when she touches someone else it doesn’t feel like she’s just pressed a cold spoon to their neck.

BTW, I know “quadriplegic” isn’t really the correct term to describe Cora’s condition. I thought quadriplegic meant either paralyzed of missing, and I think some people use it interchangeably, but a dictionary definition of the word simply refers to paralysis. “Amelia” is the absence of one or more limbs. I don’t know if “quadrameliac” is a real word. Apodal is a more accurate description, but I guess just saying “limbless” would work as well. Maybe I should go change it on the previous page for clarity.

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