When you hear of someone with the power to make copies of themselves, the first thought is “what if one of them dies?” Don’t worry the comic isn’t going to get all dark all of a sudden – I don’t even have a storyline remotely in mind where we find that out with Harem. However, her little prank won’t be without consequences.

Now, Sydney’s made Max look foolish more than once already, so you may be asking why Max is suddenly so lit up. One of Sydney’s unofficial superpowers is that she’s strangely disarming, she didn’t make Max look like some sort of sexual deviant (and with no way to explain it without possibly spilling something about the, let’s call it gray ops, going on right under the press’s nose, and she’s not Maxima’s subordinate. Though really it’s the second thing. Max is a little wound up when it comes to anything pertaining to her sexuality. She doesn’t even like the word sexuality in the same sentence as her name. As far as she’s concerned, if you wouldn’t say it about a guy, she doesn’t want it said about her, and the word sexuality is almost never used when talking about guys.