So… yeah. Sydney doesn’t have a furry thing per se. >cough< She’s just been through a lot recently and is maybe realizing that life might be short, so when the cute (?) starship doctor is giving you some pretty clear signals, maybe explore that instead of being too self conscious to try new things.

Sydney had to save vs. social insecurities to agree to hop into a bath with a guy she’s known for like 5 minutes. She didn’t get a critical success. If she had, she wouldn’t be blushing so hard she gets a rash, she just squeaked by on the roll.

Xuriel, in case anyone has forgotten, is Dabbler’s actual name. Just thought I’d mention it since I’m the last person who should expect everyone to remember every name and alias ever mentioned in every piece of media they consume. I guess I could have just added her to the Who’s Who, but that seemed weird since she’s not actually on the page.

Frix is assuming quite a bit about Sydney’s relationship with Dabbler. While it could be interpreted as Frix suggesting that anyone who hangs out with succubi becomes increasingly wanton over time, (might be true) he’s simply assuming that a person would need a certain temperament to associate with them for an extended period. Dabbler can certainly be exhausting at times. Of course, we don’t know what his own experiences are with succubi. We know Cora is good friends with Dabbler, and even if Frix has never met her, he’s at least heard tales of her exploits.

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