Let’s all politely ignore that “MassFab” is written in English, hmm? I could have written it in one of those alien 1 for 1 swap languages like the Futureama font or Stargate SG-1 Ancient or Zentradi or… actually there’s a lot of them. That was my tactic for most of the signs on Fracture Station. But everything happening on Cora’s ship is running through universal translators anyway, so there’s no need to complicate things with some squiggly-do language.

Let’s all also ignore how stark the guest quarters must be. For some reason I decided to make the wall in her room look like a cold iron dungeon wall. I know Cora said she was upgrading the ship bit by bit, but the interior design of the thing is still super slapdash at the moment. Maybe there’s “exposed brick” i.e. unfinished walls here and there since Cora is the sort of person who cares more about function than form. Once the new relays are in, she doesn’t particularly care about the plasteel finish. She actually prefers the easier access for maintenance, but exposed conduit does create security problems in case they get boarded, so she’ll eventually have all that stuff covered up.

Fun fact, Grakz usually comes with a coupon for a free rectal skin graft. Cora distracted Sydney away from the booth before she got her voucher.

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