So first off, yes the page is screwy. If you’re on the home page and you can’t see a comic, just click on the title above (Grrl Power #713 etc.) and you should be able to see it. I had some back end work done including moving everything to an updated theme, and I don’t have all the CSS back in place yet. I should have the page back to looking cromulent by the end of the week hopefully. On the plus side, future proofing! Also I should be able to make non-comic posts and edit previously posted stuff, which I haven’t been able to do for a few weeks now. I’ll have to go back and put in all those direct links to the patreon comic for the ones I missed. Also, I need to make Who’s Who badges for the rest of Cora’s crew, but I want to get the page settled before I mess with that stuff.

This is kind of a transitional page, mostly just covering the Grakz aftermath and then moving them to a weirdly spartan kitchen. If you follow me on twitter, you’ve probably seen me complain about various stuff I don’t like drawing – perspective correct backgrounds is a big one, but honestly one of the most difficult and tedious things to draw is stuff like a set table. Silverware, plates, cups, centerpiece stuff like? Man that takes a surprising amount of time to draw correctly. I could just say that Altus keeps his kitchen so tidy you could perform surgery in it but that’d still be a bit of a cop out. I just sort of ran out of time to come up with alien kitchen gadgets and I was having too much fun drawing Altus’s obliques.

So speaking of alien milkshakes… if a race has access to sugar and dairy, or a dairy like substance at least, it’s a fair bet they’d have come up with something like ice cream. Personally I’m blown away by bread. That doesn’t happen accidentally. You have to take this grass stuff, which I would only think people would consider food once they saw animals eating it, then pluck these little grains out of it by hand, then grind it up, mix in water and cook. Forget all the baking soda and yeast and eggs and whatever else, the first piece of ‘bread’ was probably like a cracker where someone got some wheat grains wet and it sat on a hot rock and they ate it anyway. The evolution from that to shit like croissants makes total sense to me, but the very first caveman who invented bread had to have done it by accident.

BUT I DIGRESS. The point is, space ice cream is totally realistic because people like experimenting with food. Whether or not there’s such a thing as space vanilla is another matter. Sydney has to choose if her milkshake will be blin flavored, cahola, bloopberry, shabazoz, or flerg. Oh, what does blin taste like you ask? Well, it’s like flibbib, but more shoozy, and with a hint of glulb. Yeah. The Universal Translator is of no help here, because there’s no equivalent flavors on Earth.

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