Well this hopefully answers the question from the previous page as to who was already here. Or whom was already here. (Honestly, why do we even have the word who?)

I guess to be fair to the Alari, there are probably places in the world where you could land a huge spaceship without anyone noticing. Assuming you could beat electronic surveillance and negotiate your way through all the crap orbiting the planet. Granted, the quantity and quality of cameras in the world would make it difficult, but there are plenty of places sparsely populated enough to get away with it. At least initially. A satellite would probably eventually spot anything of sufficient size, but maybe anything from a Firefly to Defiant sized ship could evade detection for a few days even if it was sitting right out in the open. Probably in Antarctica or some BFE part of Africa, or some island in the middle of the ocean probably, but it could still be done.

An Alari colony ship is not the size of Firefly. It’s just shy of a kilometer long and many decks deep. Chances are, someone noticed it landing.

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