Phew! Been a while since I drew Max. Luckily I still remember how. When I get to the rest of the team it’s a fair bet I may have to refer to old pages to remember some eye colors here and there. I assume Arianna has blue eyes, but it’s probably best if I check.

As to whatever situation this is, I’m not entirely sure what the deal is, like why Max is soloing this guy. Probably because she’s the fastest mover and she can generally handle stuff without backup, but that’s a combination for falling into a trap, so she tries not to go in without any backup if she can help it. Without Sydney to handle rapid ferrying, the next fastest mode of transport available to them is the Osprey. That’s a lot faster than loading everyone into a convoy of black SUV’s, but still much slower than Max or Sydney’s airspeed. Especially with Sydney’s recent upgrade.

Here’s a random fanart of Pixel, by a guy named FluffKevlar on Twitter. This post is SFW, but a lot of the rest of his feed isn’t, so explore carefully.

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