There was a plan in place to get Sydney down without anyone noticing. Cora had a flight path and everything. But that all went out the window when they realized the gig was up, alien wise. They just forgot to call Archon HQ and tell them they were coming in, 5 by 5.

I’ve said it before, but I am nothing resembling a visionary futurist. I don’t think a warp capable starship would utilize hydraulics in their bay doors. Something magnetically driven, or maybe controlled by artificial myomers. If tractor beam technology exists, you could probably use it to swing a door open and shut. I can only imagine the technology would weigh a heck of a lot less that metal tubes full of liquid. It’d probably take a ton more power to work tractor beam driven doors, but if you can crack lightspeed, presumably you’ve got power to spare. I don’t know that weight would necessarily matter all that much, and maybe hydraulics would be more reliable than little telekinesis pods doing all your manual labor, but I think it would seem kind of retro once you have more sophisticated ways of doing stuff like that.

I’ve decided that when Cora said The Interdictor was 160 meters long, she was talking about the main body of the ship, not including the two anti-mass drivers in the front, or the gravity sled. That probably makes more sense considering the size of the cargo bay shown a few pages ago.

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