Kind of weird that Arianna didn’t offer her own last name in that exchange but it will derail the page when Sydney hears it so I’m saving it for later. Cora’s last name is apparently Zylstra, at least according to a doodle on an old piece of art I had. A quick a-google tells me the name is old Dutch for “one who lives near a drainage sluice.” That tells me that the original Zylstras had very little going on if that was the only way the town had to describe their family.

This should be an epically huge moment in human history. Sure, the Alari beat Cora’s crew to the punch, but they’ve been sequestered in and around their ship over in Deus’s corner of Africa and haven’t been taking interviews. The press is right here with three aliens standing ten feet from them. Sydney’s presence creates something of an oddity buffer, but while the world will still want to know her story… there’s three aliens – who speak English BTW – right there! If I was any of those reporters, I’d be machine gunning questions at them. Heck, I would have googled “things scientists would like to ask aliens” to make sure I covered some important topics and didn’t get hung up on stuff like “Who is the most popular actress in the galaxy right now?” or “Omigod, did you see what Fnib’la wore to the Space Grammys? Sure, she has three butt cheeks, but… >tsk< like, tacky….”

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