Nothing like quelling fears about alien invasions when people are distracted with wondering what said aliens look like naked.

This page is my fault for designing aliens who look like fit and sexy humans with different skin tones and minor cosmetic appliances on their face. It’s something I gripe about a lot when watching anything with aliens in it… well, most anything, not stuff like “The Arrival” but it’s just impractical to do a long running show with actors when a good percentage of the cast is technically aliens. Slap some paint and makeup on someone, say they worship “Fandril” and you’re set. Otherwise you have to have a crew of puppeteers working each of your alien cast. Something I appreciated they attempted with Farscape at least.

Now that it’s a lot easier to map CG creatures over actors, I suppose it’s not unrealistic to think there might be a series with a regular cast member that looks like a seven foot tall kaiju, or a floating squid thing or something, but it’s still a lot more work than gluing some wrinkles on the bridge of an actors nose and calling them a Bajoran.

Speaking of mini-kaiju, have you guys seen Love, Death and Robots on Netflix? It’s pretty good generally, but the second story with the monster fights was dope and I want to see a series about that world. Actually, all of the shorts in that anthology really felt like the opening cut scenes pulled from a dozen different video games.

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