This scene would go down really different with just about any other Lieutenant Colonels in the military. Granted, there are fewer R. Lee Ermey types in the service these days, but glomping your XO is probably still generally frowned upon.

Yes. Dabbler went to Balor University. (She was 85% of the way to six different doctorates before wandering off.) Their collegiate rivals in the Doom Bowl was and still is Pit Fiend U. Although watch out for Marilith U. They only allow lady demons to enroll there, but while sexual dimorphism is fairly extreme among demons in general, we are talking about species that can summon fire whips and regenerate from eating corpses and… I don’t know, fly and breathe fire and probably other stuff with fire, the amount of muscle mass you’re walking around with matters for a lot less when it comes to collegiate sports.

A few things about this page. The eagle-eyed among you might have noticed that it looks a little different. So here’s the thing. I’m getting ready to move from one side of town to the other. This involves selling my house, which involves getting my house ready to sell. At this point, anyone who’s sold a house and moved may be surprised that this page is anything more than stick figures, because, damn, it’s a lot of work. Though I will say it’s probably healthy to have a bit of a stuff purge every once in a while. I tend to slough off about 20% of my stuff every time I do.

This feels like a good time to thank everyone for your support over the years, financial or otherwise. It’s amazing that I can do things like living in a houses because of all your support. You guys are my wonderbra.

Anyway, I had to find a way to speed up the comic process a bit. I was going to post this page with just the flat colors, but I experimented with a sort of cell shading with some smoothing around the curvy bits, and a few highlights. This took a lot less time than my more rendery style, so I may stick with it for a while, or I may be forced to be resort to just flats here and there for a few weeks, so we’ll see.

But Dave, don’t you have a guy who colors pages for you sometimes? Yes, but I spent nearly $200 on empty boxes and stuff like tape and bubble wrap this month, so you know. Choices.

Something else different about this page is that it’s a bit bigger. Updating the back end of the site made it easier to make the whole thing wider, and I’ve thought for the longest time that the dialog font I use is a smidge small for the size I post the pages at. Hopefully this will help with that. And also… it just makes the page bigger.

Edit: Whoops! Fixed the left-handed salute.

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