I don’t know how common the term “Eskimo Brother/Sister” is outside of the show “The League,” which is basically the only place I’ve ever heard it. I also don’t know if the term is, like just about everything these days, offensive to one group or another (at the very least, it maybe should be updated to Inuit Brother/Sister.) But in case you’re not familiar with it, it’s simply a reference to a person you have a common sexual partner with.

It’s obviously something Sydney didn’t consider when she fooled around with Frix there in the hottub. Not that there’s any real world impact to having indirect sexual contact with someone beyond anything communicable. Considering that Frix comes from a world with extremely advanced medical technology, Sydney doesn’t exactly have to worry about space HPV or anything like that. She obviously just finds it “ooky” because like many humans from western societies, or eastern societies, or mid-eastern… just people in general, and Americans especially, she is wildly immature when it comes to anything sexual, especially from the perspective of a succubus.

Did you know that (at least in my little corner of the fiction-verse) the succubus language doesn’t have a word for “slut.” They obviously don’t view anything sexual in a negative light. It would also be like a fish having a word for humidity, or drowning. (Yes, I know fish can drown if there’s not enough oxygen in the water, but that’s more like asphyxiation. Work with me here.)

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