It’s telling that Cora thinks there’s a chance that this after hours welcome back party might devolve into something else entirely. She’s obviously never had an office job. Or if she did, it was on a planet with very different views on sex. It’s an even bet that most civilizations don’t have an entirely laissez faire attitude about sex, though. In fact the majority of them (in the Grrl Verse) do have some significant hangups about it, so in that regard, Earth is pretty typical. Dabbler still likes acting all indignant about it though.

At least among species that reproduce sexually. I wonder if asexual sapients would have sexual hang ups. Or… asexual hangups I guess. Would asexual species have porn? Probably depends on how they fertilized themselves. I mean, they wouldn’t have prostitution or anything like that. Wow, I’m thinking way too hard about this.

In the known civilized galaxy, there’s probably a few that are like a succubus paradise. Just free love and sex everywhere you go. No disease or unplanned pregnancies to worry about. Hmm, actually I wonder if that would be succubus paradise. They’d be able to stay topped up on tantric energy easily enough, but in a world where sex isn’t commoditized at all, they would lose a great deal of their power, sociologically speaking.

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