Having your head in the clouds isn’t a criticism, it’s the goal!

I know what you’re wondering. In that third panel, Cora is standing in front of part of a fajita station. This party isn’t just the one sad table with the cake pops and a cooler of iced tea. And yes, I know what else you’re wondering. There is a vegetarian fajita option for Sydney and… probably someone else there is a vegetarian. Shiitake mushrooms. Sliced up nice and thin and roasted up with the fajita spices. I am not a vegetarian, but that’s still pretty good. Especially if you throw on a little chimichurri sauce? That’s good shit. I actually wish I had more cause to put chimichurri sauce on things. It’s not usually offered as a side with many dishes, at least here in Texas. I’m sure if you’re in South America, it’s more common.

I think it’d be good on any kind of meat really. Okay, probably not a hotdog or breakfast sausage, but on a steak or chicken or a pork chop? Yeah, I think I’m hungry.

But what you’re really wondering is, “Where is her hard light emitter in panel 4?” Well, it’s just past the curve of her back kind of hidden behind her shoulder blade… No I just forgot it. Pretend she’s turned about 15 degrees more toward the camera and then it would be reasonably be hidden by her back and shoulder.

Okay, for real, you’re probably wondering if Cora’s nimbus outfit reacts to wind. Well, obviously it does. It will start to look like it’s going to blow away and leave her bits out, but then the clouds reform on the other side out of nothing (like clouds do) so she stays Comics Code Approved at all times.

If she feels like being a bit more modest, (normally, not after Dabbler hacked it) she can adjust the coverage slider from light to moderate, all the way up to “thunderhead” if she feels like walking around looking like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man just exploded on her.

Edit: Whoops! Set this to post on Wednesday at 5 am instead of Thursday. Oh well, have a comic a few hours early!

Edit 2: Fixed Cora saying “P vs. NP” and changed it to “NP-Hard”

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