This is the most rich person thing Sydney’s ever done. She’s been… well, not rich exactly, but well on her way every since she got her first paycheck, but she has yet to actually spend any money in a flagrantly irresponsible manner. My question is, is she just going to leave an open jar in the middle of the lounge with ten grand in it?

I know I didn’t actually show Sydney launch into some kind of filth blitzkrieg for all the times she recounts here. It’s not like I’m never going to show her going on a Yosemite Sam-esque rant ever again, but I’m also not going to show each and every one, either.

I think Max’s top keeps getting smaller and smaller on each page I draw it on. It was already a bit of an odd top for her to wear around the base, but at this point it’s downright out of character.

I may have to change panel 2, because honestly I don’t know how military do. I wasn’t really sure what to google either, like “if someone needs some petty cash to buy some stuff for a military base, who do they see?” I mean, I’m sure a big military base has some sort of financial chain of command. Like an accountant and a list of approved vendors, but what if you’re out in the desert somewhere in another country, and the squad decides it needs to run down to the Baghdad Home Depot and buy a bunch of tarps? Like, they’re not close enough to the base to go get them, but they definitely need tarps. Does the squad commander have a platinum Visa on him, or a stack of Benjis? Or do they just take them and tell the manager to call the base for reimbursement? Probably that one, come to think of it.

Anyway, the team is domestic, so they’d probably operate a lot more like a domestic military base. My point is, somebody at Archon manages the phat stax, because sometimes you just need cash in hand. If someone has a better suggestion than “Bursar” I will change it.

Edit: Hah hah! Whoops! I forgot to add in the orbs on this page. I will do that after I get some breakfast.

Edit 2: Okay, Sydney is enorbened.

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