Yeah, Sydney basically forgot that Maxima is a Lt. Colonel and she’s not even a Private yet. She’s just gotten used to being in the know. She found out about Arc-DARK, Dabbler, and aliens within minutes of entering the building, and figured out Earth is host to a lot of not-humans in her first week on the team.

At some point here, probably on the way back down to the base, Maxima is going to read Sydney the riot act about keeping important stuff from her, like secret powers. I don’t have a comic covering that conversation planned, cause it’s just a lot of “Seriously.” and “Okay, I promise.” Just be aware that it does happen.

I was going to write more here, but I started rereading the comic from the Dabbler reveal page linked above, and now it’s 1 am and I’m tired. At least it made me chuckle quite a bit. Boy, Sydney has actually calmed down quite a bit since then. I’m sure that’s good for like, character growth, but I almost feel like she needs to have a relapse or something, cause those pages were pretty funny.

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