I wrote a follow up page to this one, but in a rare moment of editorial discipline, I decided you guys could probably figure this one out, and I could just move on. Besides, that lets me cut back to Sydney sooner, and usually anything she’s doing is more amusing than anyone else.

Arsenal book 8 is available for preorder. Should be out on the 30th. So if you haven’t read the other seven, you can just squeeze them in if you get to it.

If you more into vengeancy superhero stuff, Jeffery H. Haskell (the author of the Full Metal Superhero series) has you covered in a series called The Wraith. It’s like… Punisher meets, uh, well if I say who I want to, it might spoil some stuff. Anyway, she shoots a lot of bad guys.

I dug both series. I mean, obviously, or I wouldn’t be recommending them to you guys.

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