Cora is definitely not a diplomat. There are better ways of telling a world that no one is coming for them because their toys all suck, but I guess she’s just getting straight to the point.

I’ve talked about some of the stuff they’re touching on in this press conference in my comments for the comics where Sydney was visiting fracture station, but I thought I should formally introduce this stuff to the in-comic world. I mean, the actual discovery of life besides ours. And not just a fossil of bacteria on Mars or living plankton on Titan or something. Actual civilizations with technology beyond ours. It would change the world utterly. It would be the only thing on the news and late night talk shows and morning news programs for months and months. Some religions would just implode, some would be like “oh yeah, God made them too.” I can’t even imagine how hard the Fox fear mongering machine would ramp up. I tell you what, though, I’d buy stock in any publicly traded company that sold guns, that’s for sure. There would be people so afraid of what they think is about to happen (i.e. the plot of every alien invasion movie ever) violence and suicide rates would go up measurably.

For everyone who didn’t lose their minds though, seeing a hot blue, essentially human looking woman saying “No worries, mate,” I think would allay a lot of fears. Obviously some people will think Cora’s lying so we don’t prepare for invasion, but there’s nothing you can do about people like that. Other people might be thinking “So do you have a sister?” In any case, it would be an interesting time to live.

Actually, this event would be so historic I doubt it’d be at the foot of the Archon building. You can’t tell on this page, but that’s where they are. Really, it’d pretty much have to be at the White House, or better yet, in front of or inside the UN building. But this is technically an informal press conference and as it’s been said, Cora’s not a diplomat. She’s probably not even going to meet and greet with anyone politically important while she’s on Earth.

When I looked up references for the LMG sitting there on the table (that one is an M240 I think) I was disappointed to see that most LMGs are just ugly. I guess I was hoping for something slick looking, like a buff-ass Styer AUG, or an IWI Tavor x95. But no, the ones the US used all look like something the A-Team built out of scrap parts found in a barn. They’re probably made like that because you have to strip them down further to really clean them considering how much more ammo they can run through than an assault rifle, but still.

This page colored by Keith.

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