Needless to say, Cora’s photosynthesis would be more effective if she had more surface area. I guess she could have mechanical arms with solar panels or uh… wait, that wouldn’t help feed her. Uh, panels of translucent gel full of some kind of photosynthetic bacteria… that dumps nutrients out to her bloodstream?

Or she could just eat a hot dog. But a tinkerer like her or Dabbler would spend time trying to invent a cybernetic photosynthetic solution just to see if they could.

I know it’s confusing that Cora says it’s hard to put a number on how human she is, but then says that gen-modding doesn’t alter base DNA. It’s… basically she’s got an alien grandparent, and one of her parents is like 1/16th something else, but mostly human. Also if you took a DNA sample from her while her mods are active, you’d get screwed up results. Don’t worry about the math.

Here’s how a comic artist’s mind works; I realized if I made a joke about chlorophyll, I can draw a red butt sticking out from under the shadow of an awning.

Looking at this page now before posting it, I see a missed opportunity for a cameo there. It’s just some random demoness friend of Dabbler. I assume she’s dating the demon guy in the back playing volleyball. (Or knowing that group, the sleeping arrangements are more accurately described as Round Robin.) But I could have put… I don’t know Sheeva from MK. The 4-armed Goro chick. For some reason she was the first chick to come to mind, but anyone recognizable from the back would work.

BTW, on the double res Patreon version of this page, you can see little peachfuzz hairs on that red butt. Just barely. But they’re there. Yes, I made a peachfuzz brush in Clip Studio Paint just for that.

Double res version will be posted over at Patreon. Feel free to contribute as much as you like!