So I guess Stalwart is a lefty? That or he’s pulling his punches because he doesn’t want to liquefy that thing he’s punching. Not because he’s concerned about the guy, but because liquid is less effective at knocking everything behind it ass over elbows. Actually, I just tend to draw people punching or holding guns or mysterious orbs in the hand closest the camera. But, considering Stalwart’s job, (punching stuff and taking hits for his teammates) it’s reasonable to assume that he’s some training as a boxer at least. Maybe a grappler too. In any case, his left hook isn’t something you want to get hit by if you can avoid it.

Okay, so, the Fel have ballistic shields, and those shields are also energy resistant. They don’t totally block energy attacks though. Well, below a certain level they do, but anything over a certain level starts breaking through. Using temperature as an easy scale, a 1,000 degree attack would be 95% blocked, at 5000 degrees, 80% would be blocked, 10,000 degrees and their shields would only be able to handle about 55% of it, etc. That’s what Cora was talking about when she said their shields could be overwhelmed. Heatwave doesn’t know any of this, but what she does know is that she has line of sight on a glowy thing on that guys hip. If it glows, she figures, it’s probably more important than something that doesn’t. Turns out she was right, and it was some kind of grenade. She doesn’t have to pour 10K Fahrenheit into a grenade to cook it off. It’s not a human made grenade full of TNT or whatever they stick in there these days, but it’s a fair bet that anything that’s designed to explode isn’t something you want to subject to a few thousand degrees if you can avoid it.

So, I missed this when I posted the last comic, but last Thursday was the 9th anniversary of Grrl Power! So, uh, woo! I thought it was 10, but that’s because I started working on the comic at least a year before I put anything up so I could get in the flow of things. Also I registered the domain like 7 or 8 months before the page went live as a way to goad myself into productivity. I guess it worked!

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