I wanted to have a panel or two showing that maybe 5 or 10 minutes had passed since the last page, but I tried to cram too much in on this one and had to lose them.

So yeah, nearly 20 pages after her first appearance, Heatwave finally opens her mouth (to do something other than stuff it with popcorn. Evidently they must go through boxes of the stuff there), results are mixed. Turns out, the rarity of super powers in this world does mean you don’t always get to be quite as picky when it comes to some of the other desired attributes when recruiting. Heatwave just has a different, some would say slower, method of processing data. Some would just say she’s dumb. But she can follow orders, fly, and her heat rays are formidable. She’s not going to lead her own squad, but she’s still a valuable asset.

Also, if you haven’t stopped by since the last page went up, I’ve posted a voting incentive over at Topwebcomics.com, some of the lines came out a little light but honestly I haven’t done a pencil piece in years. Next one should be better. I’ll try and do at least one a month, I’d love to do one a week, but if I had that sort of time, I’d rather spend it on doing more comics.