They’ve been busy while Sydney was gone. I imagine most custom stained glass window installations usually take a few months to turn around, but it’s pretty amazing what you can get done when you have a government agency backing you… especially when they’re a small agency not bogged down by a lot of red tape.

I’m sure there might be some groups who would be offended by imagery like this. Calling her Halo, with all that implies, is one thing, but the actual halo emitting god rays might be a step too far. Arianna’s policy is that if those people can produce an actual photo of a saint or demigod with god rays coming out their head, then she’ll listen to concerns about sacrilege or whatever.

Oh, and I thought I should mention one more time, Michael-Scott Earle’s Tamer 6 Kickstarter has 3 days left. If you missed Tamer 1-5, you can get them at his personal website, and if you’re an audiobooks kind of person, he has had the first 4 audiobooks rerecorded by a dual narrator team, so a woman is voicing the female characters, which is infinity percent better than listen to some guy read in falsetto. They’re available here for free, which is a pretty amazing deal, though it’s a pay what you want thing. Considering the price of audiobooks on Audible, a few bucks in the pay what you like field might not be out of order, but I’ll leave that up to you. The audio for book 5 should be out this week, if not today, so check back if you don’t see it right away.

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