Yeah, it’s a pretty big church. Or was. I modeled the interior after what I remember of the church my parents used to drag me too, and it was no megachurch, but it was a custom built job, and it had a balcony and a vaulted ceiling. Hope Joel and co. like that air conditioning bill.

The stained glass window blinding everyone while they shop isn’t ideal. In the comic, the building was built facing east so it would catch the sun in the stained glass for morning services, but like most comic shops, they don’t open at 8:00am. They probably open at 11am? By that time the glare from the stained glass window is probably mostly down at the diaz.

Still, it’s got to be annoying trying to bag and sort comics with that crap reflecting off the display case right into your eyes. Maybe there’s a curtain?

And yes, the parking lot behind Sydney is empty and if they’re doing the sort of business that would allow them to move into such a huge property, the lot should be busting with people waiting for the doors to open, but… I don’t know. It was a time thing honestly. That last panel took a while to draw, but for an in-universe explanation, maybe uh… that’s the employee parking lot and juuuuust off camera is where the customers park? Realistically, Sydney should have gotten mobbed by reporters and fans and alien abduction conspiracy theorists and about a thousand other people but damn, I don’t want to have to draw that every time she goes to the comic shop. Maybe I should draw it at least once just to establish it, then have Sydney discover a roof access door she uses from then on.

Here’s another book series I’ve been enjoying. The Celestine Chronicles. I like it because it’s… I don’t know, more serious somehow? Darker in a way, but not grimdark.  I think my favorite part about it is that the MC is reluctant… at like everything. He doesn’t want to add women to his harem because he’s freaked out that they’re all monsters. Yes, it’s technically a monster girl harem series, but not like a dumb anime monster girl one. They’re mostly from greek mythology. Also in an unusual twist, there are several guys that eventually join his troupe. (Not his harem, mind you, just his adventuring party.) Most harems are literally just the one guy and N+1 women, so their inclusion changes the dynamic of the group a bit. Anyway, book 5 came out recently, so if you like the first on there’s there’s more meat there to sink your teeth into.

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