This page was inspired largely by a comment someone left waaaaay long ago saying they thought it was odd that Sydney received her own superhero logo with zero fanfare. I agreed, but wherever the comic was at that point, the moment had passed. I guess someone handed her the shirt one day and just said “here, wear this.”

As far as the rest of the page goes, it’s just shop talk. They’ve expanded from comics and the odd collectible into a full blown nerd emporium. Tabletop games, RPG, miniatures, CCGs, genre relevant novels, puzzles, etc.

Also, the previous page, as much as it showed, was only half of the one room. Joel and co. haven’t figured out what to do with the balcony area yet, but there are a bunch of other rooms in the building they’re planning on using for tabletop gaming and other CCG tournaments and other stuff. I originally had written the page after this one as a bit of a tour of the building, but realized it was a weird page as it was informative but not especially entertaining.

Joel glazes over Archon’s stake in the store, and Arianna’s contribution to the rapid nature of the purchase of the new property, all the moving, the window, all that stuff. Arianna’s not trying to take over the business, but she recognizes that Sydney’s store is going to become a bit of a mecca for superheroes one way or another.

I added a PNG of the stained glass panel to DA.

Double res version will be posted over at Patreon. Feel free to contribute as much as you like!