Before you read this page, put on some dance music. Oh, you already read it? Well, just do it retroactively in your head. Here are a few choice clubby musics that also happen to feature fit ladies working out:

Progressive Psytrance 2017, ProgPsy July 2019 Mix, Psychedelic Trance with Hula Hooping.

I’m sure you guys have your own favorite dance music, but the above videos are highly relevant to my interests so I thought I’d share.

I almost posted this page without the one word bubble. Actually without the sound effects either. Just to be… artistic I guess? I have faith that most of you would have figured it out, but, eh, work either way.

It’s tough for Varia to stay under the radar. Not as tough as Maxima, obviously. Even Anvil has it harder most of the time, and honestly, if Varia really wanted to stay incognito, she could have worn a version of that gaussy shirt of hers that had gloves and a longer cut.

For anyone unfamiliar with Varia, she gestalts with anyone she touches. (Except Maxima, apparently because her skin is weird) She gets a fixed power with each person, and the person she’s touching gains immunity to her powers, so she can still hold hands with them and not burn/freeze/irradiate them.

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