Okay so I tried to make Krona look excited about the things she could learn from Sydney’s orbs, but uh… I think in panel 3 and 4 she looks, well, psychotic. She’s just excited about the possibilities. She loves learning. Nothing nefarious, promise!

Sydney accidentally looks super cute in the first panel there, though definitely not 22. Er, 23 now, I guess. Well, okay, still technically 22 even though her birthday has elapsed, as she didn’t exist during that span of time. Not that Sydney has ever looked 22.

When the group rolled up to the club, the bouncer probably took one look at “Agnes,” Krona and Pixel, and was like, “You’ve got to be kidding me. I’m being pranked, right?” Actually, come to think of it, since Ellie, Kat, and Crimson are in the group, they probably used the same staff entrance that Decollete and Tamatha use.

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