This page is important because on the page I’m drawing right now, Sydney is eating fried cheese, and without this page, you guys would all be like “Wait, where’d she get the fried cheese?”

Decollete’s primary income is in the fashion industry, but this nightclub is a regular evening haunt for her because, well, she likes the atmosphere, but it’s also a low effort source of tantric energy for her. Really, any (mature) succubus has little trouble picking up playmates, but in this environment, she can pretty much pick and choose them as she likes.

Sydney, as previously mentioned, isn’t the kind of girl to go trawling for dudes. All her boyfriends she met through mutual interests, and Frix was really her first “I like your abs and want to see more of them” encounter. Even having popped the seal on a mostly physical dalliance, she’s still a long way from being the kind of gal who would just sit down at a table with a bunch of hot guys and try and have a conversation with them. Besides, guys like that, what are really the chances they’d be into hearing someone talking at length about why 3.5th edition D&D is superior to 4th edition, or why Stargate SG-1 is better than all the Star Trek TV shows with the possible exception of DS9?

I mean, the stereotypical behavior of guys tells us that they will put up a with a lot if they think it’s going to get them on base, but most people are running an investment vs. time calculation in their heads.

Granted, I and a lot of people reading this comic would probably be thrilled to engage in topics like that with some potential partner at a social gathering, but three hot dudes like the guys Decollete has in her sights? I somehow doubt they’d be into topics like that. But you never know. You roll the dice anew with each encounter, and if that encounter is into discussing why the bell curved Hero dice system is better than the flat probability of D20 systems, then you know you’ve rolled a critical success.

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